1. "an other gaza"

    in chaos one man collects

    his daughter into a plastic bag

       oh my god the bag is leaking

    one kisses a cave was baby boy face just this

    morning braids unplaiting phosphorous

    wordless exhaust smoke shock


    what is it that remains of us now

    then what is recyclable in us


    men’s beards carry their lineage

    refracted memory drones

    drummed ears echo frequency

    children call for siblings reborn

    skulls fracture eyes the color purple

    here the steeliest doctors weep


    the sea waves shelled boys

    sirens post explosions


    all is shrapnel and hunger

    none is safe all are waiting

    between wall and wait and sea

    and wall there is no day

    what are we

    flares rain metal escalation


    descent upon heads ladders of spine collapse

    night eats sleep the people hold fasts


    children of lightening no rain

    sewage into water skin flamed to ash

    the women’s faces track lifelines

    grief upon grief astronomical

    dust was people last night

    tunnel is the people now


    raising horizon in coffins

    there is no recovery


    she says they light the night with bombs

    she says that’s not the sun at all

    she says this is a crime against my heart

    she says nothing

       touch me

    she says listen


    we are shelter and target

    we are stars exploded


    the people run into themselves for refuge

    they catch up to their ghosts

    between devastate and displace

    what is destroyed again is everything

    what is created is a hole

    an other



                               suheir hammad

    (via thatonesuheirhammad)

  2. silverjackson:

    Shabazz Palaces, ‘Lese Majesty’

    If you’re in Seattle before Sept. 5, Butler’s crew Black Constellation has an exhibit at the Frye Art Museum called Your Feast Has Ended, with textiles, sculpture, paintings and video work from Nicholas Galanin, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes (Shabazz Palaces’ video director and mask maker) and Nep Sidhu (Lese Majesty album designer). There’s no better way to hear this album than while walking through the museum wearing headphones.


  3. dreamstatesblog:

    W O N D E R F U L * C A M P A I G N ! 

    GRATEFUL to ALL who showed LOVE and SUPPORT. 

    We are now moving into sound edit and mixing! 



  4. elle boogie
    conté on arches
    22” x 30”


  5. in the waters off the beautiful nauset. i used to pray to recover you.
    - sylvia plath

  6. silverjackson:

    Leonard Getinthecar (Nicholas & Jerrod Galanin), Space Invaders, 2013 featured in ADONE Magazine


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  8. dreamstatesblog:

    It’s Week 2 of the ‪#‎DREAMSTATES‬ Campaign-JOIN THE DREAM TEAM! Make it real. http://rkthb.co/44290


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  10. on this day in 1973 (june 8th) - rahsaan roland kirk recorded bright moments live at the keystone korner in san francisco.